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Digital Imaging

We take great pride in offering our patients the best products and diagnostic tools. Our newest diagnostic tool, DEXIS Digital Radiography, has made a huge difference in our practice.

Digital x-rays have been around for more than 25 years, but have recently become a valuable tool in the dental field. The process for taking digital x-rays is very similar to the process of taking traditional dental x-rays using film. A slim sensor with rounded edges (rather than the traditional film) is placed in the mouth to capture images of your teeth, and the x-ray is taken. This is, however, where the similarities between digital and traditional radiographs end. Among the many benefits of digital radiography are:

Less radiation: Digital x-rays scatter 70-90% less radiation than traditional “D”- speed film x-rays. 

Speed of viewing: Our patients have shorter dental appointments because their images can be seen instantly. Should any x-ray need to be retaken, it can be replaced in seconds.

Higher quality images: Better quality, clearer images are captured, even when enlarged on a monitor. Because the x-rays are much more precise, procedures such as bone grafting and dental implant placement require much less time.  

Image manipulation: Provides greater diagnostic value with the ability to enhance color and contrast as well as accurately measure areas for procedures including dental implants.  

Speed of transferring dental records: This allows for better communication with your practitioners and your insurance company. Your x-rays can be printed or emailed and are stored on our computer’s server. 

Environmentally friendly: There are no dangerous chemicals to use or dispose of.   

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